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At Cureport we seek to deliver innovative nanomedicines to ultimately benefit patients. We aspire to be a global leader in nanomedicine innovation and development. We strive to build up values to people, our employees and shareholders.

About Us

Cureport, Inc. is a growing U.S. pharmaceutical company committed to the development of nanomedicines. With a strong VC investment, Cureport has established its nPort™ nanotechnology for drug delivery of both small molecules and biological molecules for the treatment of cancer, infectious and other diseases. It brought a revolutionary breakthrough to the manufacture of liposomal products through an innovative controlled self-assembly process. Cureport develops its core technologies in-house and contracts with CRO/CMO for regular research and GMP productions. Cureport is working with its affiliated company Curecon to build its pilot manufacture base and R&D center in Beijing, China.

In order to ultimately exert the advantage of nPort™ technology, Cureport directs its business mainly in 3 directions:

  1. to establish novel nanomedicine pipelines
  2. to build strategic partnership with pharmaceutical companies and academic institutes for the co-development of nanomedicines
  3. to produce generic nanomedicines

  • Robust scalability (from ug to kg)
  • Robust reproducibility
  • Continuous particle size (20 ~ 200 nm)
  • Varieties of formulations, payloads and morphologies
  • Dramatic time reduction and cost-savings

Novel Liposomal Formulations

Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Xenograft Model

Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Xenograft Model

Hepatocellular Carcinoma Xenograft Model

Generic Nanomedicine

Identical Composition

Comparable PK profile